Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne is a rural parish sited 4 miles to the south east of Canterbury. Easily accesible via train and bus into Canterbury, and direct rail link to London Victoria. See bus timetable for details

The parish is the home to the much loved Howletts Wild Animal Park but also well known for hops, sunflowers, an excellent pub; The Unicorn and Chalkpit Farm including Mama Feelgoods coffee shop. We also boast two fine churches See churches page for further info and a medieval connection with Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.

In the middle of Bekesbourne we have a village hall with an excellent shedule of weekly activities See Village Hall page for further details and booking enquries.


On the Nail the is magazine that serves villages along the Nailbourne see On the Nail page for further details.




Canterbury CC – By this afternoon about 2000 sandbags will have been put out in Barham, following the faster than expected rise resulting from rainfall runoff.  There was very good inter-agency co-operation around this activity.  Water levels are expected to rise further given the predicted rainfall over the next few days, but it is believed that the existing arrangements will be able to deal with the ongoing need.

Shepway DC – Have been receiving reports from concerned residents, although currently levels are as expected for a wet winter.  Hog Green in Elham is historically a pinch point, and residents there are reporting gardens flooding.  The situation is being closely monitored, and liaison is continuing with the two properties at most risk.

KCC Highways and Transportation – Closure of Causeway, Barham as vehicles driving through the water are causing bow waves that put properties at risk of flooding.

There have been suggestions from local residents that a further cut alongside the existing channel there would alleviate the problem, but at present flows both sides of the bridge are the same so additional channels or extra pumping would not make a difference.

Southern Water are now having to pump sewage at Bekesbourne, Patricksbourne and Bishopsbourne to keep sanitation available to domestic properties.  There is clearly public disquiet around this, which is being addressed.  Water quality is being monitored.  If there is any media interest in this, it should be referred via Colin Bowley to EA Press Office, who have messages available.

Warnings and alerts

The two existing alerts remain in force.  EA are expecting to issue a Flood Warning on Thursday, probably early afternoon.  They are continuing to liaise with the local association on the messaging, and it is hoped that the text will be able to refer to the four sections previously identified (Lyminge to Kingston, Kingston to Bourne Park, Bourne Park to Littlebourne and Littlebourne to Seaton) and residents are encouraged to make sure that they check the text of any warning.

Next steps / actions

Monitoring of levels will continue, and further sandbagging will be carried out as required.

Arrangements for next meeting

A further meeting to take place tomorrow (Thursday 30 January) at 15:30.  The meeting will be the same as today’s with part one as the fluvial risk SWAG chaired by EA and the second part to discuss the Nailbourne groundwater risk chaired by KCC.


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